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Why should I choose Hathaway Law Group to help me with my legal problem?

​Our attorneys strive to provide legal assistance to clients that is grounded in respect and dignity.  Our lawyers have wide-ranging backgrounds and are dedicated to serving our community.  We serve on local boards and volunteer for non-profits.  We believe our diverse backgrounds and experiences complement our dedication to providing client-centered legal services.

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Where does Hathaway Law Group practice?

In Missoula & Flathead counties and surrounding counties. Our practice is limited to Western Montana.


I submitted a form on the Hathaway Law Group website to request legal assistance.  Does this mean I now have an attorney representing me on my legal matter?

​No.  When you complete the form on the “Get Legal Help” page, you are only requesting to have an attorney call you to discuss your legal matter.  To enter into an attorney-client relationship, you will need to sign a separate attorney-client agreement.  Please be aware that this website is not designed to give you legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


What is limited scope representation or “unbundled” legal services?

​In March 2011, the Supreme Court of Montana changed the rules to allow lawyers to provide “unbundled” or limited scope representation legal services.  This means that lawyers can now work on certain parts of your case, while you work on other parts of your case.  The purpose of this change is to enable individuals who previously could not afford a lawyer for an entire legal matter to now obtain legal assistance for very specific matters, such as drafting a parenting plan or representing you during a hearing.  Contact Hathaway Law Group if you would like to speak to an attorney about limited scope legal representation.  

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