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Estate Planning

Your legacy is never too small to protect. Let us help guide you through the process!


Hathaway Law Group empowers you through the legal process and helps you craft a true solution to your legal issue with as little litigation as possible.

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Protecting the interests of Montana’s youth in parenting plans, dependency-neglect proceedings, guardianship and adoption.

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Collaborative resolutions to divorce ​and parenting disputes.​​


Assisting those who lose a case in a trial court in asking a higher court to review the trial court's decision for possible legal mistakes or errors.

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Providing competent guidance for life’s most important decisions.​

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We're Here For You

Hathaway Law Group attorneys ensure that our clients are

during every step of their case

Informed, Educated, & Empowered

Our Team

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Our lawyers are




to specifically tailoring legal services to each of our client’s individual needs



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